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My about: my name is Massogble which means my gift, my present in ewe but only my Grandma calls me that. I’m an entrepreneur and a mom and I have a master degree in business administration. I started Africaprint after giving birth to my little princess. I wanted to do a photo shoot with us wearing african attire but i couldn’t find anything cool enough for my baby so i asked my mom to make me one and people kept asking me where they could get that outfit for their kids so i decided to make more and sell them. I often say that my baby saved my life and here is the reason why, After giving birth i had post partum depression and I was diagnosed with borderline personality, i had low energy and it was a daily fight, my princess gave me a chance to fight and be happy at life but also to succeed in sharing the African culture to the world.
This is just the beginning of an adventure that i hope you would share and enjoy with us.
Shanty Adam